Blunts 100 Year History

Blunts is still on that same course mapped out so long ago which has steered it ably into the twenty-first century. Blunts is taking care to meet the challenges of rapidly changing times. Utter enthusiasm combined with a dedication to providing seamless service to clients is typical of each staff member at Blunts. “Boutique Real Estate” is a fitting term to describe Blunts . . . individual attention, specialist service, quality, dedication and expertise are all kept at the forefront of Blunts’ mission to serve the community. “In recent years, Blunts have continued to nurture a unique position within the Lane Cove and North Shore communities. On the one hand, we embrace and remain proud of our long history in the area. On the other hand, we refuse to rest on our laurels and constantly strive to evolve and improve. Our goal has always been to make real estate an enjoyable, rather than stressful experience – to make transactions profitable rather than complicated.”

Michelle Bartlett

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